Thoughts on cuffs work by slaves by me

Photo by meimei

Cuffs are worn as a sign of power.

Wonder Woman, one of the major icons of female empowerment, wear cuffs. 

Never forget these are a sign of your strength in flexibility. 

The branch that bends does not break in a storm. 

Wearing cuffs is a promise to yourself that you will maintain yourself as a priority and that you will take care of yourself as you would a friend.  

Let them be a reminder to you to love yourself. 

Over time each one might symbolize something to you.  

Let that happen.  

Be mindful when you put these on and take them off.  

They are armor.  

They protect those who wear them.  

They are a symbol yet also functional.  

We serve with Pride and Joy. 

We Love Deeply and Passionately and we learn to love ourselves that way too. 

We are a work in progress.  

We are never perfect, yet we are growing towards perfection every day.  

Wear these cuffs with the Pride and Joy of Service and Growth.  

Let them become a part of you that no one can ever take away.  

Serve others and Serve yourself as well.  

Accept the service others offer you gracefully for that acceptance is also a service.  

This is a modification of the words I shared with a slave as I gifted her cuffs. For me my cuffs are a part of me not a part of my Owners. They symbolize my surrender to my path rather than surrender to an Owner. They are a comfort to me quite often and I wanted her to have that comfort as well. Not all slaves are owned, yet we all serve.