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Musings about Service while unowned

When I served Master Koi, well that was a very different relationship. It was ongoing and getting the rooms ready with all his and his household’s clothing. It was making sure each person in His service had a day bag with them to care for Him if He needed it while they were with Him. […]

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From TheGoddess Indigo

For those of you who have not heard of or met this amazing woman, she is a Master I hold in high esteem. She shared this writing on Fet and Facebook and I asked if I might share it here as well. It is not often slaveheartbootblack gets to post about hings from the other […]

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Black Lives Matter Prompted this:

Over the past year or so, I have attended and been involved in many discussions with Black and other People of Color in our communities. I have heard them say many times that white people need to have these discussions with other whites because it is so EXHAUSTING to always be reached out to and […]

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Dear Future Master from January

1-30-2020 Dear Future Master, I really wish I knew where you were today. It’s been a very difficult last 32 hours since I learned my car was no longer at the shop. I’ve been completely furious and would really love to hear “good girl” from you right now and to know I’ve made you proud […]

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Service or Obedience?

A new take on Service VS Obedience What if we all stopped thinking of the question as which is more important, Service or Obedience, and instead of, starting thinking and recognizing that for Surrender, Service and Obedience are NEEDED. What if we stopped trying to put one against the other and instead recognized that they […]

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