Dear Future Master from January

1-30-2020 Dear Future Master, I really wish I knew where you were today. It’s been a very difficult last 32 hours since I learned my car was no longer at the shop. I’ve been completely furious and would really love to hear “good girl” from you right now and to know I’ve made you proud […]

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Service or Obedience?

A new take on Service VS Obedience What if we all stopped thinking of the question as which is more important, Service or Obedience, and instead of, starting thinking and recognizing that for Surrender, Service and Obedience are NEEDED. What if we stopped trying to put one against the other and instead recognized that they […]

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From pain to gratitude

It hurts! It hurts so much sometimes. This not being owned. They’re are times I want to rant and scream because I can remember how wonderful things are for me when I’m owned. How so much of my self doubt goes away more often than not. How wonderful it is to be guided even just […]

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