Helping each other see ourselves

I was reading my list of affirmations from others and people's favorite memories of me list tonight. 

Sometimes there are memes and posts that say something to the effect of "you have to see your own worth before anyone with treat you as worth while". And these drive me bonkers! I firmly believe that these are some of the most toxic posts that can ever be shared it believed in. 

Each of us has self doubts at times. Each of us have insecurities that we have to deal with. And that is normal and healthy. It's also normal and healthy to reach out and ask for help. To ask others around us to reflect to us what they see as wonderful and worthy about us to help combat these feelings of doubt. 

For me, I'm often plauged with doubts when I am unable to go out and recharge around people. So when I'm sick or hurting a ton physically and my energy bank gets depleted. 

This is why I have my affirmations and favorite memories lists. These lists I've complied since 2014. They are simply a list of positive things people have told me or texted me about myself. From "I could never replace you, you are the most dedicated and passionate slave I've ever met" to "you are the person I know will get shit done" I read these words when I need a pick me up, when I need to feel connected and when I might not be seeing my own value. And they help remind me that I am worthy. They remind me I do have value. And they combat any doubts I have in my mind or heart. 

Thank you to all of you who knowingly or unknowingly have contributed to these lists. And please take a moment today to reach out to someone you know, anyone, and let them know why they matter in your world. They may need that reflection of their value at some point too.