Recollections of Hotness and Scenes in the Stands

Some excerpts from a journal entry about an event I attended in October of 2016. This was during my title year and I was presenting at the event as I recall:

I went to the meet and greet.

Then a tall drink of water in red-flamed Fluvogs came in asking if I wanted to give them some love. As I do still have a pulse, I got him up into a barstool asap. Knee-high and lovely. I confirmed he was ok with leather worship and got my happy on. He offered to come by at some point tomorrow for a full head to toe if I was going to be wearing the same underthings and I giggled and flushed slightly as I was in a garter belt under my skirt and it wasn’t a long skirt to begin with and I do get into my bootblacking and well…Yep, my pussy was right there while I was working on him. Not that it really bothers me in the slightest, I just tend to forget that I don’t wear underwear all the time or even most of the time. I confirmed it was my standard option. This is even funnier because I had debated upon putting some underwear on in case I was blacking somewhere my hooha shouldn’t be showing and decided if I needed to I would run back to my room and get them.

So after those lovely Fluvogs were done, the kind man in my chair stepped on my pussy and ground his boot in, like I already wasn’t in lust with the man! There was much whimpering, moaning, and grinding as I enjoyed that. I did finally ask if I could come after really really edging for quite some time because I was enjoying it so much and a little because I wasn’t sure he flagged as a top, though I was pretty sure of my guess at this point. He said maybe tomorrow and there were many jokes about how clean and pretty his boots were, except for one sole. -giggles-

I am pretty sure I blushed once or twice at that one. That was a tip as far I was concerned! Briefly later, as I was struggling to remember how to breathe in a normal pattern again, his gloved hand shoved some cash into my cleavage. So much for breathing normally!

I needed to cruise. I needed more leather under my hands and tongue badly. I think there might have been a couple more clients between him and when I went cruising. I hadn’t had that much to drink yet. (4 shots and 1 mule was my final count that night but the last two shots were just before and after my last shine. I know when I have had too much to black!)

So I went cruising leather out on the cigar patio. Chatted a couple of other bootblacks and saw a lovely older Femme in a vest (and this is how I met Master Patricia the SWPerson of Leather 2016 and 2015) and made eyes at the vest asking if it might need some loving this weekend. I might not really know how to flirt with girls but I do know who to flirt with leather and meet and greets were designed to help greedy bootblacks like me keep our stand busy during the rest of the weekend.

That vest and its lovely owner decided it did need loving and now was a good time. I started on the back of it and we chatted some and I asked how her title year had been etc. the energy was flowing well. When she turned around, we didn’t talk much from there. Too much growling and sighing. I do enjoy my work and I like her energy a lot. We had fun.

I had a lot of people exclaim about how they never realized bootblacking could be so sexy. I get that a lot. -shrugs- there isn’t a whole lot I do with passion that isn’t sexy. Honestly, there is very little that is CREATED out of someone’s passion that isn’t sexy. Passion is SEXY!!!

I did some blacking. I was there to remeet Duke(of Pudding) and his full leathers. With those same sexy boots. The negotiations went something like, “any limits I need to be aware of Sir?” “no, let’s see how close to sex we can get while bootblacking. Any limits I would know about?” “not that we need to worry about with your pants on Sir” “what do you think about biting?” Smile and bite finger. “Biting til blood?” showing me his flag. I think I didn’t drool right then and there but I did get very wet and went back to not knowing how to breathe properly again.
I think it was while I was straddling his lap that he commented on how he could smell how aroused I was and I flushed. I flushed, even more, when he said he liked it and I pondered if I should start doing pants last just in case I had to do his again because I dripped on them. Luckily for me, he was wearing gloves and managed to make sure I didn’t drip and I, like a good girl, I did clean the gloves off before conditioning them as well. I used my tongue and I must admit my juices always taste amazing off of leather. Damn!

My shirt got in the way a few times so it had to go. I was a Hubbards-covered-happily-arouse-mess by the time I was done.I did get bit and stroked and to condition a glove might have put Hubbards on my throat and then moved the glove to it. Small enjoyable things like that.

I seem to have a touch, once again when I was finished and slightly floaty. Ok serious bootblack brain and wanting a cigarette but none for me! I was told I even got the gay guy all hot and bothered so now he had to grope my husband. The husband didn’t object! And the person who’s pants I had a date with was much more excited even. Hehehe. I am good at what I do and I do enjoy it.