Throw Back Thursday -post scene write up

His cock in this cunt, feel like home. Slowly, seductively. After a weekend of needing him and no release and so horny? After edging and not allowing even my fingers to penetrate, only to tease, so that when he touched or entered I’d be able to delight even more on The Sir’s, the Master-I-crave’s, touch? Yes Sir. For I’m surrendered to your will.  Hungry, starving for you and surrendered to you. 

Get right to the edge, then beg. My body responds even just to your words and I feel myself on that edge again needing release. The taste of pussy juice on your cock adding into my excitement. Feeling the tug of your leash on the collar. Back and forth. 

Getting to crawl for you Sir. Fetch and return. So delightful. Succeeding in getting your zipper down with my teeth. Delightful. I’ll need more practice. Your cock just or of reach. On my face, brushing my lips. Agony! Must stay still! Want it! Need it! Getting a slow taste of it but not being able to worship you or show my gratitude or desire for you. Torture.  Then you put it away! SADIST!!!

Greeting then no. Then present. Oh Sir, do you know how precious getting to present has become to me. How grounding and beautiful it is and this time it’s to you too. Not simply towards you and send across the Leash that is attached to the collar on my heart but right here. I delight in the words you have given me to say. Your words so wonderful flow from my lips. I make sure to project as the music is turned up today. 

Fucking. You cock in my mouth and pussy both yours. My fingers finding that place you live stimulated. You call me a dirty, filthy girl. For you, I delight in being as dirty and depraved as you enjoy Sir. Looking in the mirror. Wishing my eyesight was better. Is that whore sucking your cock, arcing her back as she feels you inside her hot Sir? What woman wouldn’t be hot, filled with lust and need for you and desire for you? Her body is shapely too Sir. Yes, she is hot. You are hotter. 

Sitting, talking, crawling with you as you use the restroom. “Someday you may get to…” there is desire there Sir. Yes, there is and other desires too. Crawling back. Having the privilege of dressing you, Sir. A rare treat I enjoyed greatly. 

Your jacket entrusted to my care. An honor and privilege that touches my heart. I shall do the best I know to treat it. 

You let me thank you formally. I glow. 

You leave the apt but never my heart or thoughts. 

Thank you for a very enjoyable date Sir.