From TheGoddess Indigo

For those of you who have not heard of or met this amazing woman, she is a Master I hold in high esteem. She shared this writing on Fet and Facebook and I asked if I might share it here as well. It is not often slaveheartbootblack gets to post about hings from the other side of the slash. Here are words that resonated strongly with me about the nature of surrender and why it can be a challenge to serve. I hope you find insight in this wonderful woman’s word.

“They Don’t Make Toothpicks Anymore”
Once upon a time, long ago, I was served by someone that others referred to as a “Super Slave.” There is no doubt that a dutiful and attentive person on the right side of the slash makes a Master/Dominant etc. look good. They came with great references (at first glance) and showed up “well-trained” (their word, not mine). At first the learning curve seemed less steep for this individual. Then we started having hiccups.
The primary directive of my charges is to manifest my will into this world, to be my “1+1=11.” We kept having alignment issues. This person once made a grave error involving others and refused to admit their mistake. I tried many of the techniques and tools I present in my classes to work through this in order to have them apologize for what they had done. It took months to get them to see what had happened from a different perspective (come to find out they never believed they were wrong, but that is not the point of this particular tale). Today I speak of toothpicks.
I sent this person to the grocery store for a variety of items including some run-of-the-mill toothpicks. Yes, you read that right, boring old toothpicks. When they returned, they told me that they don’t make toothpicks anymore. Imagine my surprise at that statement. “They don’t make toothpicks anymore?” The individual repeated themself calmly and with certainty. “No, they don’t make toothpicks anymore.” They went on to explain (I am paraphrasing) that technology and sophistication was such that they only had fancy toothpicks (such as the ones with umbrellas or long ones for spearing hors d’oeuvres) and that dental advancement was such that there were much more suitable tools (such as floss, etc) available rather than toothpicks. If you know me, then you probably are aware that I see no point in arguing.
I went to the store and I brought home run-of-the-mill toothpicks. I placed this unavailable antiquity on the table and looked at this person who said they desired to surrender to me. Who said that out of all the women in all the world, I was the only one strong enough, smart enough and self-actualized enough to be their Master and realized that this person could not be mine. There was another Master already in control…. EGO.
When we go to the store to purchase something and can’t find it, we don’t assume that something else must be the error, we tend to believe we just can’t find it. We try to find our mistake. This individual was so sure of their “rightness” and inability to be wrong that they had decided that toothpicks no longer existed. Unfortunately, this type of issue is beyond my pay-grade and I had to reject their petition to serve.
Surrender is a constant choice and cannot be made from a place of ego. Humility, love and sacrifice are at the heart of surrender. Like the extinct toothpick, I find surrender a little more difficult to find these days… but when I do, I cherish it and hold it close.