So glad I stood up for myself!

So glad I stood up for myself. Medical info about internal genitalia follows.

My period has been going wonky for all of this year. In June I finally went to my pcp to talk about it. At this point I was bleeding 20 of 28 days each month! She put me on progesterone and sent me for an ultrasound.
The ultrasound was a nightmare. None of the process was explained to me and the only ultrasounds I had up to that point were external. I didn’t realize this one wasn’t until there was a probe being shoved inside me.
I wrote the head of the entire office about that and how it could create a heck of a lot of trauma for people. I detailed what was unacceptable and how they could change in the future. I recieved nothing back. I’ve cc’ed their patient advocate the letter and we will see if I get a response from that.
The ultrasound showed something so I get a chance referral to a obgyn. I go with the first available appointment and get a very old guy who looks at the ultrasound and says “this things usually go away on their own” and changes my bc pills after I adimently refuse an IUD. He tried to charge my mind on that 3 times!
I left in frustrated tears feeling completely unheard. After years with an invisible illness (fibro) this is a common feeling for me.
So as soon as I got home I started looking for an obgny who accepts my insurance and has at least had a uterus at some point in her life. Then I contact my PCP telling her I want a referral to this obgyn for a second opinion.
Now during all of this, my bio-mom is dying of cancer that started in her uterus! And I’m trying very hard not to freak because of there being a growth in mine. She’s dead now.
I scheduled the appointment with the obgyn of my choice. There even have nb as a gender option on their intake. Which leaves me very confident in my choice of Dr.
I am so grateful I stood up for myself and insisted on a second opinion from a doctor of my choice! about hysterectomies as it might end up something to look at, and then suggests we do a biopsy of the growth and file up in 2 weeks to further discuss options. She also wants to get me off the bc, which I would love since it’s making my migraines worse.
I am so grateful I stood up for myself and insisted on a second opinion from a doctor if my choice!
If you ever feel unheard or dismissed by medical care providers, please remember it is your right as a patient to demand a second opinion. And with most doctors having websites now, it’s not as difficult, though can be mentally overwhelming at first, to find one that will fit your needs.

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