Nervexictment and a Petition


I hope you will forgive me for not posting much about current events in my life lately. I’ll moving a small 6 minute away move sudden change of plans plus I have been working on my memoir/book for you all to enjoy this year and all of that combined with the TIA recovery has shattered my focus on updates. I’m very nerv-cited for this weekend.

Nerv-cited is a term my nieces introduced me to for when you are feelings nervous and excited in equal parts. They often feel this before performances. I’m feeling it because after opening myself up to looking for an Owner actively again, this weekend I will be petitioning someone for Ownership of me. I updated my fet status earlier this year to “seeking” and then posted to fb about “how many dick shots do y’all think I will get”. Several people responded to that post and one sent a graphic that caught my attention.

I have felt a connection with this person since I met them but we never explored it at all beyond flirtations and such at events. So I messaged him asking if it was flirtation or interest and the answer was both.

In the months since we have chatted and done many video calls with him, his other slave(wife), and the hubsdragon. We have laughed, discussed philosophies, pain, pleasure, poly, had the scary talks from each person and this weekend we are meeting in person and I will offer him my petition and we will see where it goes.

So far it feels very right. We are all moving very slow. We have all been doing this a while and we have all been hurt in the past. It’s the start of a new glorious adventure and it’s my hope that we can and will heal together and grow together as we explore the possibilities to come. Nerv-cited slave time.


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Dennis Burnsi - May 26, 2021 Reply

I am very pleased that you are mine, little mountain flower.

Eliabeth Iles - August 2, 2021 Reply

I’m so so glad this worked out for you!!!

Temporary Jeff - August 18, 2021 Reply

I stumbled upon your event in a couple months, on Fet, its the one about triggers. Anyhow, i randomly was pushed into your general web presence’s direction, and i am captivated by your writing and thoughts. Thank you for sharing! ☺️ I look forward to hearing more blogs and experiencing your events! Hope all is working out with you and your owner, gotta love when stuff works out nice and smoothly like that. Must be like the smoothness of a well shined boot eh? 😉

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