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A Healing Poem hits Home

This poem is really resonating with me today. For those who I haven’t told, I had a small stroke on Jan30th. It was not fun and almost all of Feb my primary focus has been on trying to recover and heal. Full healing can take 3-4 months with proper care. It’s been scary and exhausting. […]

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Dom/Sub? nope Just Always a slave

I recently posted on my Facebook about a medical challenge that I faced. You can find the full article here but in short, I’ve been going through some issues and ended up having to ask my doctor for a second opinion, as well as, report a facility for very inappropriate and unprofessional practices. And one […]

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So glad I stood up for myself!

So glad I stood up for myself. Medical info about internal genitalia follows. My period has been going wonky for all of this year. In June I finally went to my pcp to talk about it. At this point I was bleeding 20 of 28 days each month! She put me on progesterone and sent […]

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For all who are grieving or wanting to

I wrote this last year when SouthWest Leather Conference ended forever.  At least the one I knew did.  On the Third weekend of January in 2014, I attended my first ever leather conference and fell in love.  In 2016, I competed for and won the SouthWest Bootblack title.  For the next 2 years, I taught […]

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Musings about Service while unowned

When I served Master Koi, well that was a very different relationship. It was ongoing and getting the rooms ready with all his and his household’s clothing. It was making sure each person in His service had a day bag with them to care for Him if He needed it while they were with Him. […]

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From TheGoddess Indigo

For those of you who have not heard of or met this amazing woman, she is a Master I hold in high esteem. She shared this writing on Fet and Facebook and I asked if I might share it here as well. It is not often slaveheartbootblack gets to post about hings from the other […]

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