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Kneeling at Another Master’s Feet

I thought about calling this one kneeling at the wrong Master’s feet but I don’t like the thought of someone as a wrong Master. I am self-owned currently. And right now there is no right Master for me because no one is MY Master. And currently I’m not looking for a Master either. There is […]

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How to Help

People have been asking me what they can do to help, and variations thereof, because of how difficult/painful things have been for me with my breakups.  Until very recently, I could not figure out what to tell them. What do I need to help me heal?  Well here are a few things: – Stop telling […]

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Head Games

Sometimes I get stuck in my own head.  And often times I forget that for others being in their head really isn’t a big deal.  Well for me it is not only a big deal but it is a very bad thing.  The inside of my head has constantly running tracks on many different things, […]

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To Serve or Obey

Service vs Obedience Within Power Exchange Relationships there is an ongoing question on Service vs Obedience as the most important thing for the slave to do.  And I have heard multiple answers and reasonings for each answer.  It is common for some to even change their answers over time.  The first step in answering this […]

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Penance and the Act of Self Forgiveness

Until recently I was an attached slave and the Master I served had a forgiveness ritual that we were to use.  It was something that was much more helpful to me than desired by him.  Unfortunately, that meant it sometimes went unused which caused some troubles for me mentally and interfered with my service greatly. […]

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An Unexpected Beginning

Getting Started Well the new year and this blog both started very differently from what I imagined. When I first conceived of starting this blog, I was happily on my way to becoming a fully owned slave in a four year relationship with an amazing Master. The blog was going to be created to help […]

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