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Let Us in the Dungeon Damn It! - Bootblacking as a Scene

Bootblacking & Leather Care 101

Creating Safe Spaces to Promote Healthy Communications

How Can i Say What I Mean When You Won't Listen? 

Positions, Rituals and Protocols-Using and creating ones that serve you and your partners.

Slave Play 101

The Swiss Army Slave - How to always be prepared for any situation

One-Sided Conflict Resolution De-escalating and Finding Common Ground

Ethical slavery/slavehood

Leather Worship

Poly without a Primary

Repairing the Broken Chalice - Healing through breakups in PE relationships

Kink/BDSM vs Domestic Violence - Which is Which?  

I Consented To WHAT?!?

Hugging 101

I'm TRIGGERED! Now What?  Managing your triggers and responses

Consent and Personal Responsibility

Training your Partner as a slave/submissive

Learning to Live your Values Rather than Living in Fear

Overcoming Fears Through Choosing Love +

Whites Talking with Whites About Racism *

Loving Your Own Body and Forgiving It.

Mental Health and Kink

Playing while Triggered - dealing with triggers in play and scenes

Kink Adaptations for Disabled Folxs

Gor, Leather and M/s Which is Which and Where do They Intersect?

Fluid Consent - Can we even give consent for ....?

Communication is the key, but what does that mean?

The Self-Owned slave- being single and respecting your identity while unowned

How Much to Disclose When: Mental Health, Kink and Negotiations

Rope Work with Intention

Rope Work 101

Rope Work 102

Am I Primal?

Self Bondage for fun and "relaxation"

Interrogation from the Bottom

Better Bottoming

Rope for public wear

When Baggage meets Baggage can we be ok?

.....More Classes Coming.....

There are always more classes in the works and if you would like me to teach or present on something other than what you see listed here, please let me know.