Who is xiaoyi?

xiaoyi’s mission is to create understanding and acceptance among people, so that each may learn, grow, and be as they are. She does this through destigmatization and demystification.  She openly shares of her journey in hopes that she might help others who face similar challenges.

She is married and has been with her wonderful husband since 2002; in 2010 she discovered power exchange relationships and soon thereafter realized that she identified as a slaveheart.  She lives in Colorado with my husband and three cats.

She has had the honor of serving three Masters of varying degrees of Mastery at this time.  For 4 years she was a 24/7 live in slave and loved it. She lived with Her husband, Owner together for three years.  For one of year, they lived with another Master and whichever slaves and submissives were in service to the household at that time.  It was one of the happiest and most challenging years of her life.

She has fibromyalgia and a few other medical issues that she copes with on a daily basis.  She has been diagnosed with cPTSD and has had to learn how to deal with that as well. She does not believe that her medical or psychological conditions forced her into slavery but rather that in learning how to deal with these conditions she began to learn the self-control needed to walk a surrendered path of slavehood.

She loves hot tea, Leather, leather, philosophical and spiritual discussions and also walk the path of a doaist shaman.  She enjoys traveling and meeting people.

Her favorite color is rainbow and she likes glitter.